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washing walls before painting

Washing Walls Before Painting

how to prep walls before painting,when painting a bathroom or kitchen, wash the walls with a solution of approximately three teaspoons of laundry detergent to one gallon of water. scrape any cracked or flaking paint with a paint scraper. for other small imperfections on the wall such as plaster bumps, smooth them away with sandpaper..washing walls. yes or no,when going over old existing paint, do most guys wash walls or not? i use tsp i use a pole sander before painting and between coats. i don't .how to get grease off the wall before painting,mix 2 to 3 tablespoons of dish detergent into the water. wipe down the walls with the detergent solution and a large sponge. rinse with clear water and wipe dry..7 steps to prepare walls for interior house painting,after washing the walls, give them a quick rinse and allow them to dry you must find all the flaws before priming and painting your walls..