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what to do with minerals and artifacts stardew valley

What To Do With Minerals And Artifacts Stardew Valley

could anyone please tell me which artifacts/minerals i'm ,stardew valley is an open-ended country-life rpg with support for 14 players. of your journal on the pause screen in-game for artifacts and one for minerals. if you look on the wiki you can compare your collection with the complete one .tips for last few artifacts? stardewvalley,does that make sense? the last few artifacts are so much harder for me than the minerals. bleh. i can't throw money at someone to complete it faster, .which minerals/gems should i sell/keep stardewvalley,in general, gems make good gifts to townsfolk, but minerals are disliked. a few minerals and gems are used in crafting recipes (earth crystal, marble, probably a .gunther collection progress should be shared between all the ,he was handling most of gunther artifacts and minerals and now my collections tab is almost empty and more posts from the stardewvalley community. 18.5k..