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50 amp breaker box

50 Amp Breaker Box

what is a circuit breaker and how does it work?,when electricity enters your home, it goes to a circuit breaker box (or fuse that they take their own 30- to 50-amp dedicated circuit (see fig..should i make space for a new 50a breaker in a full panel or ,what i have, i think, is 100 amp service in the breaker box. the breaker box is full, no slots to add a 50 amp breaker. so what do i do? should i add a sub-panel?.sub panel installation with how to video,so let's say you need 50 amps. well, it's not brain surgery, 50 amp sub panel, 50 amp wire, 50 amp breaker in the existing main panel. see wasn't that .50 amp main breaker panel? no such animal,hey guys, i'm tasked with installing a sub panel in an out building. the customer does not need more than 50 amps out there, the largest tool .