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what is 4000 grit sandpaper used for

What Is 4000 Grit Sandpaper Used For

mirka abralon 6 inch 4000 grit sanding discs, 10 per box ,the flexible weave also allows water and air to pass freely, making it suitable for both dry and wet sanding, by machine or by hand. use mirka abralon sanding .how to choose sandpaper for auto body repair,the sandpaper you select for grinding, polishing, and finishing makes a huge difference. in general, grit numbers range from around 40 to 4000 and up. 2000 grit can be used for a final wet sand to create an ultra smooth .sandpaper selection & grit guide for auto body work ,the benefits of 1500 and 4000-grit sandpaper discs make it especially easy to paint larger automobiles. in the past, sanding down a van could take an entire day, if .true grits true grits,abrasives manufacturer's institute) grit grading allows a wider particle-size spread like wet-or-dry paper, micro-mesh can be used for wet-sanding, or you simply 5. 4000. 4. 6000. 3. 8000. 2. 12000. making sense of the sandpaper scales .