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how to mine for diamonds

How To Mine For Diamonds

where are diamonds mined? countries that produce ,botswana's jwaneng mine is often referred to as the richest diamond mine in the world. the mine has been producing about 10 million carats of high-quality .diamonds are forever destructive,the most visible impact of mining is the sheer amount of rock and dirt that is moved to reach the diamonds deep in the ground. miners don't mine on lifeless .how are diamonds mined? questions-answers article,alluvial mining is for diamonds that have reached the surface of the earth and have been carried away by nature over the years to river beds. the process is also .the largest diamond found in a century comes from ,it was found last november at an open-pit mine in the southern african country of botswana. at 1,109 carats it's second in size only to the storied ' .