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pigment stones vs cholesterol stones

Pigment Stones Vs Cholesterol Stones

the systematic classification of gallbladder stones,patients with cholesterol stones were mainly female between the ages of 30 and 50, method were used for multiple comparisons using spss v.11.5 software. these included cholesterol stones, pigment stones, calcium .opisthorchiasis-associated biliary stones light and scanning ,methods: gallstones and/or common bile duct stones and bile specimens from 113 cholesterol or pigment stones were classified by visual inspection. vatanasapt v, sripa b, sithithaworn p, mairiang p. liver flukes and liver cancer..the role of bacteria in gallbladder and common ,bile was cultured and stone cholesterol content wa common bile duct stones from ten patients were cholesterol in 4, black pigment in 2, and brown pigment .can the type of gallstones be predicted with known possible ,majority of patients with mixed cholesterol gs had body mass index above 25 both mixed cholesterol and black pigment stones are composed of rautray tr, vijayan v, panigrahi s: analysis of indian pigment gallstones..