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washing machine plumbing code

Washing Machine Plumbing Code

clothes washer system requirements,the graywater generated only comes from the washing machine or laundry tub. sonoma county) or the local building official (incorporated cities) for plumbing permit requirements. graywater regulations per the california plumbing code..question for packy and others familiar with ma code,current distance from washing machine drain to 2' vent pipe described below is 3 feet. once i re-model and reduce size of laundry room and increase size of bath .chapter 27 plumbing fixtures, 2018 north carolina ,upcodes offers a consolidated resource of construction and building code plumbing fixtures that are used for washing or bathing shall not be used to a laundry tray is acceptable for use as a receptor for a clothes washing machine..minimum height for laundry standpipe?,under upc the laundry standpipe p-trap must be: 6' = floor = 18' q1: 18' from floor standpipe should be 18' from p-trap this is not what the code says, the water level of the machine or it will gravity drain the machine..