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is wet sand a conductor

Is Wet Sand A Conductor

soil thermal conductivity effects of density, moisture, salt ,the soils used were classified as sand, sandy loam, loam, and clay loam. the rainy season would cause a higher contrast between wet sand and the 73 therefore, the incorporation of poor thermal conductive clay in pbs .what really happens when lightning strikes sand,it was impossibly stable and the spires on top looked curiously like the wet sand i used to make odd sand castles as a boy. so what is this thing .electromagnetic modeling of laboratory ,electrical properties, with combinations of dry sand, wet sand and saturated sand box walls parallel to the xz-plane was set as a perfect conductor to simulate..what happens if sand is struck by lightning? is it a good ,dry sand is not a good conductor but when it is wet, and maybe other dirt is mixed within, and a 10 million volts lightning strike hits it, everything can happen..