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ferrite core transformer are used in

Ferrite Core Transformer Are Used In

ferrite core for high frequency transformer,ferrites are ceramic compounds which are composed of iron (iii) oxide (fe2o3). ferrite cores are used in transformers where the supply voltage has a high .(pdf) analysis and design of ferrite core ,the ferrite core transformer has been designed and built which is novel in its combination of high voltage (5 kv), high frequency (5 khz) and power (720 va) .what is the effect of using low quality ferrite core in a ferrite ,now if we use low quality ferrite core in transformer, these losses (hysteresis and eddy current losses) will be significant and will lead to saturation of core, .power design with ferrite cores,ferrites may be used in the saturating mode for low power, low frequency operation (50 watts and. 10 khz). ferrite cores may also be used in flyback transformer .