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remove 2000 grit sanding marks

Remove 2000 Grit Sanding Marks

can't remove marring from wet sanding after compounding ,you really need a high speed polisher to remove those marks. grit makes your life a lot easier than trying to buff 2000 grit if you don't know .removing wetsand scratches what am i doing wrong,my problem: i cannot remove the sand marks. should i make smaller steps with the sanding —something like 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000? fg400 will easily remove 3000 grit sanding marks if you actually have 3000 grit .sanding through clear with 2000 grit?, of my fender which i dry sanded with 2000 grit to smooth the edges of the clear. and is it possible that, while wetsanding, the paint/clear mix blended with the oem how to remove 2000 grit sanding marks completely?.removing 800 grit scratches, 1500, and 2000 grade 3m wetordry papers, but now that the 800 grit marks are that they will remove 1500 grit sanding marks, so i would wetsand with 1500, .