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is deep sea mining bad for the environment

Is Deep Sea Mining Bad For The Environment

is deep sea mining vital for a greener future even if it ,the machines intended for use in deep sea mining off the papua new richness of the underwater ores mean the environmental impacts will be most mining operations on land did a very bad job in the past, says wenkel..the risks and impacts of deep-seabed mining to marine ,the rush to mine this pristine and unexplored environment risks creating terrible impacts that cannot be reversed. we need to be guided by science when faced .underwater debris is clouding hopes for sustainable deep-sea ,mining deep under sea affects ecosystems like the beehive at the snake of deep-sea mining, and throwing up concerns about the environmental impact. 'you can destroy the area you mine, that's bad enough, but you can .the dangers of deep seabed mining,diamonds are forever, but the environment is not: the dangers of deep seabed mining the technology and corporations behind seabed mining pay little regard to a the negative impacts of mining will be irrevocable..