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bile duct stone symptoms

Bile Duct Stone Symptoms

common bile duct stone - an overview,of these, pain from biliary colic tends to be the most common symptomatic manifestation of cbd stones. in many cases, the intermittent obstruction and passage of .residual gallbladder stones after cholecystectomy a literature ,a small percentage of patients with post-cholecystecomy syndrome are symptomatic due to a residual stone in a particularly long cystic duct or to the relapse of .biliary colic symptoms, treatment, causes, and more,it occurs when a gallstone blocks the bile duct, the tube that normally drains bile from the gallbladder to the small intestine. the pain goes away if the stone .clinical profile of patients with common bile ,conclusion: it can be concluded from our study that bile duct stones are common in patients in age group 41- 60 years. the most symptoms were pain, jaundice .