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thermal expansion pulverizer power

Thermal Expansion Pulverizer Power

itemducts and thermal expansion machines not interacting ,i am trying to pull gravel out of pulverizers through itemducts to be moved into a redstone block underneath to power it (and power the bottom ducts as well)..is there any way to speed up thermal expansion machines ,we are adding upgrades at some point in the future. problem is that the logic tends to be, 'why can't my pulverizer keep up with my 8 quarries?'..how to power it? feedthebeast,just started a modpack that includes the pulverizer (thermal expansion). however, i have no idea how i'm supposed to power this and the wiki isn't .feed the beast wiki, to an itemduct. partial view of an ore processing facility (thermal expansion) the pulverizer turns one ore into two dust (pulverized metal). this machine is very power efficient since it smelts the ore directly into ingots..