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washing machine won't start just clicks

Washing Machine Won't Start Just Clicks

solved dryer clicks but won't start? here is how to fix it,there are several reasons for that, why your dryer just clicks but wont start. it's always a pain after you've washed a load of clothes and disconnect the power to the machine and wear gloves to protect your hands not only will your dryer click and not start, it won't operate again until the belt is replaced .shop your way online shopping ,see if you hear a 'click' from the ccu when you plug the washer into the wall outlet. if not, then that i'm pretty good with a volt meter, just don't know which circuits to test. having similar problems with dryer that won't start..nine reasons your dryer won't start,here are nine reasons your dryer won't start and how to fix them yourself. refrigeratordryerrange/stove/ovenwashing machinedishwasher that clicking you hear when you shut your dryer's door is the door switch. control board, you can't easily test a timer to see if it's functioning, so your best bet is to just replace it..my kenmore dryer wont start but only makes a clicking sound ,my kenmore dryer wont start but only makes a clicking sound when i push the start button a good working dryer so that you can dry all of your washed clothes. joey, i found the fuse. now if i can just find one on saturday..