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chisel diamond sharpening stone

Chisel Diamond Sharpening Stone

what do you use for chisel/plane iron sharpening ,i'm trying to decide if i should go with diamond stones (i just watched paul sellers sharpen with 250/600/1200 grit stones and a strop with compound on it) or .tips from tommy mac staying sharp with diamond stones,sharpen the bevel until you detect a burr. after finishing with the back of the chisel, sharpen the bevel. i always hollow-grind my chisels and plane .how to use and clean diamond sharpening stones.,the best lubricant to use for diamond sharpening stones is a product called try to flatten the back of a chisel or plane blade with a brand new diamond stone..sharpening stones for flattening wood chisels,diamond stones are ideally suited for any task that involves flattening. diamond stones start out flat, and unlike other stone types, they stay flat. this property of .