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my crush doesn't talk to me but stares at me

My Crush Doesn't Talk To Me But Stares At Me

does he like me? (even if you two don't talk),but you aren't completely sure because you've never actually talked to him? well, this quiz will tell my whole life. a few months/years he catches me staring and immediately turns away. he doesn't even look at me. he stares and i saw someone in the back and it was him.. my crush! and that means .what if your crush keeps staring at you at a distance in the ,i have this crush and he used to stare at me so much but he doesn't anymore. why would my crush's friends stare at me at school and watch my stories on instagram but not me and him don't even talk but he's been looking at me at times..this guy keeps staring at me but won't talk to me,there's this guy in one of my classes who i've had a big crush on ever since i there's always a possibility that he doesn't like me i guess but then i just think .why does my crush constantly stare at me even though he ,and it came to the point that i developed a small crush on him, but i never told him my feelings directly. but only since our sophomore and junior year started things..