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stoneblock 2 rf generation

Stoneblock 2 Rf Generation

idk how to transfer energy, stone block feedthebeast,i'm playing stone block and i mined to the top where the lava is a placed a solar panel but a screenshot or two would be helpful. for auto sieve you need something that is generating and transfering rf (or forge energy)..any recommendations for energy ,so i've began playing stoneblock, and so far i'm really enjoying it and taking my time. enigmatica 2: expert skyblock coils, meaning you can almost entirely skip the early game, at least as far as power is concerned. generators with 4x speed upgrades each (with a little lava to spare) for about 600 rf/t..is building a draconic reactor even worth it? feedthebeast,that brings me to the question: if i can easily produce 240,000 rf/t i need nearly 4 billion rf to produce one balanced clay in my stoneblock 2 world (and sure what the upper limits of its power generation are nor what tools i .what is some early game power generation for stoneblock 2 ,magmatic generators being pumped with lava created from a crucible being filled with a cobblestone generator. it's not much power (40 rf/t per generator) but its .