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lost mines of phandelver story

Lost Mines Of Phandelver Story

customer reviews dungeons & dragons starter ,the starter set's got a rulebook, the adventure lost mine of phandelver, some just have a story and are told to tell it to the players; you have all the rules and .the lost mine of phandelver (campaign),the campaign revolves around the exploits of gundren rockseeker and his mysterious disappearance. the party tangled with both the red brands criminal gang and the cragmaw goblin tribe in their hunt for the missing dwarf and as they closed in on the mysterious black spider..lost mine of phandelver flowchart dnd,64 votes, 22 comments. i'm getting ready to run lmop and i put together a flowchart of how the party can potentially go between areas, .just finished lost mine of phandelver,wish i'd taken some time to wrap them in to the story or flesh them out otherwise. -the adventure has no puzzles, which seems like kinda a waste for a dnd intro. i .