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original pukhraj stone price

Original Pukhraj Stone Price

pukhraj stone price - khanna gems,an original pukhraj stone can be available in number of varieties ranging from rs. 1100.00 per ratti to rs.50000 per ratti. these days treated pukhraj stone is .natural yellow sapphire (pukhraj) stone price ,wondering for the original yellow sapphire stone (pukhraj) price in india, keep in touch with us and shop for the natural and astrological gemstone at an .buy yellow sapphire/pukhraj stone online ceylon pukhraj ,any major or minor changes in any of these get reflected in pukhraj prices. depending on the overall quality, a one carat ceylon or sri lanka yellow sapphire can .buy clara natural yellow sapphire pukhraj 7.25 to 7.5 ratti ,price: 5,599.00 akshita gems yellow sapphire ceylon mined (pukhraj) gemstone 8.25 ratti/7.42 akshita gems 7.25 ratti - 6.45 carat ceylone yellow sapphire gemstone original certified pukhraj stone natural for men & women..